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MHS Junior reaches sports milestone

Natalie Fox, a junior at Millbrook High School, recently achieved a feat that only 12 other Millbrook students have done in more than 50 years – scoring 1,000 points in basketball during her high school career.

Every varsity basketball player’s points are tracked and they accumulate with each game they play. The total points per game are added up until a student reaches 1,000. Fox played about 70 games since freshman year to reach 1,000 points.

“One thousand points is a benchmark where you get awarded,” Coach Adam Peek explained. “Natalie’s put a little time and effort into it.”

The last Millbrook student to reach this milestone was Fox’s sister Erin five years ago, which Natalie Fox described as history repeating itself. Fox was destined to follow in her sister’s footsteps, but never went out of her way or changed her playing style to get to 1,000.

“There was a good chance that I was going to get 1,000 points, but I’ve never really counted my points,” Fox said. “I’ve always just gone with the flow and if it happens, it happens.”

Peek said Fox plays basketball for the love of the game rather than obsessing about her score, dubbing her a good team player who is constantly looking at ways to improve her skills.

“She’s not a selfish player,” Peek said. “She works hard at basketball…she’s always doing something active.”

When Fox walks into the gym now, she finds it surreal to see her name on a banner below previous student athletes whom she always admired.

“Being on the wall, seeing their names and now you’re one of them, it’s super, super cool,” she said.

Fox wants to continue playing basketball at the college level and pursue either engineering or business, as she loves math. She’s considering numerous schools including Lafayette College, La Salle University and Marist College.

“I’m seeing what I like about those schools and where I think I’ll fit best,” Fox said. “I want to use my sports to do something good.”

Fox has been playing basketball since kindergarten. What she loves the most about basketball is the friendly competitive nature and the camaraderie she has with her teammates. Her advice to anyone looking to get involved with basketball is to remember to play for the team, not for themselves.

“Being competitive has kept me going,” Fox explained. “Always look for your teammates, not for yourself.”