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  • MMS Families, 


    I have never been more proud of a group of 8th graders. They have worked so hard through all of the adversity this year to come out on top and be their Blazer Best. Please enjoy this INCREDIBLE digital moving up ceremony. Many thanks to everyone involved including the teachers, administrators, secretaries, support staff, and families who came together to put this together. A special thanks to Ms. Winters and Ms. Morton who came together to make this beautiful presentation!


    2020 8th Grade Digital Moving Up Ceremony


    Parent Pick-Up and Return of Student Items

    SAVE THE DATE: June 23 - ANYTIME 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM. 

    When you arrive at MMS you will drive your car to the upper gymnasium entrance. Please remain in your car and we will bring out a bag of your students belongings. At this time we will ask you look through the bags to ensure there are no textbooks or library books. We encourage you bring your child so that we can give one final goodbye and award them with any end of the year awards they have received. Yearbooks WILL be available!!

    Student items may include belongings found in lockers, yearbooks, awards, Refugee books, instruments, etc. We hope that yearbooks will be available on the 18th, but if they are not we will email you to let you know. This is also a time for families to return textbooks, MS Drama scripts, library books, and pay for any lost or damaged books - teachers and school librarians will be in touch with families to whom this applies.  At this time, end of the year awards will be personally handed out to 6th and 7th graders as well as a special gift for our 2020 NJHS Inductees (Many thanks to the PTO for this donation!). Don't forget to take a peak at all of our amazing award winners 2020 Millbrook Middle School Awards! We truly look forward to honoring them with their awards. 

    ***At this time Chromebooks AND musical instruments will NOT be returned to MMS. We want to make ourselves flexible during these unpredictable times and ensure that all of our MMS students have equitable access to the internet and instruments. When we have more information regarding this we will let you know***


    8th Grade Families: Moving Up Ceremony

    SAVE THE DATE: ANYTIME June 22 @ 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

    A virtual version of the Moving Up Ceremony will become available on June 19th in order to flexibly facilitate families who would like to share this digital moving up ceremony with family and friends over the weekend prior to our drive thru ceremony. On June 22nd, families will be invited to drive their cars through the Millbrook Middle School campus where they will be honored, cheered on, and recognized by faculty and staff (following social distance rules of course). Please follow the following directions:

    -Arrive ANYTIME June 22nd from 6:00 PM to 7:00PM

    -Drive your car with your 8th Grade Graduate entering the main entrance of the high school (70 Church St. entrance)

    -Follow the path of teachers around the front of the high school and around the parking lot loop towards the main entrance of the middle school 

    -You will stop at the main entrance of the middle school to receive your child's 8th grade moving up diploma, any end of the year awards they earned , and a gift from the Millbrook Rotary Club. 

    -You will exit the Middle School by making a right and head out on Alden Place.


    We are so excited to see our 8th graders one last time and honor their achievements during these unprecedented times.


    Ways Parents Can Help Close Out The School Year Positively:

    -Speak with your child regarding their coursework and make sure that they have completed all assigned work

    -If you have any questions regarding missing work have your child email their teacher directly to ensure they know their current placement as well as any missing assignments they must complete (as a parent, naturally you can contact your child's teacher as well)

    -WE ARE HERE TO HELP! The end of the year crunch can be VERY stressful for everyone, especially our students. If they need social-emotional support know that students and their families can always reach out to jennifer.obrizok@millbrookcsd.org (School Psychologist) or http://kelly.mahoney@millbrookcsd.org (Guidance Counselor). In the last week before grades will be due June 22nd- June 25th (last day of instruction for students) our teachers will be available to help students put their final touches on the school year. Do not be afraid to reach out... we are all in this together!

    -Help students with transportation and safety procedures to pick up their belongings from school (June 18 and 23 - ANYTIME 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM) and 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony (ANYTIME June 22 @ 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM) Go Blazers!


    Steven Cabello

    Millbrook Middle School Principal


    845-677-4210 ext 3102

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