Student Registration Information

  • Welcome to the Millbrook Central School District! Please register your child by clicking on the appropriate category below and downloading all applicable forms.  Forms are fillable if you wish to complete them electronically. Please note that two forms, the Registration Affidavit and the NYS School Health Examination Form, require handwritten signatures and cannot be completed electronically.  

    2023-2024 School Year
    Pre-K Registration Dates: February 13-16
    Kindergarten Registration Dates: March 14-17

    Please scan completed forms/packet to; or if not available, email Mrs. Mattes for guidance; or
    mail completed forms to Mrs. Mattes, at Millbrook High School, Attn: Central Registrar, PO Box AA, Millbrook, NY 12545.

  • Pre-K Registration Information and Required Forms

  • Grades K-12 Registration Required Forms

  • CPSE/Evaluations Required Forms

  •  If you have any questions, please contact: 

    Mrs. Katherine Mattes, Central Registrar 
    845-677-2510 ext 2322
    Millbrook High School
    PO Box AA
    Millbrook, NY 12545
    Attn: Central Registrar